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Open relationships have been around for centuries, but the way we talk about them (and the fact that we're talking about them at all) is a relatively recent development.Patrick, a single white dad of very cute biracial daughters, talked about his experiences of dating black women and dealing with relatives who weren't accepting of him dating out. Janice spoke about going out of your comfort zone to meet people and not being ashamed of dating who you want. The authors said there has been an interest in the book from Latinas who want to Swirl but are also concerned about cultural differences. I was flying to Portland on a business trip with my co-worker and going over the book to prep for the discussion.In case you're wondering, he does do his daughters' hair. Sunnie, a black woman in a relationship with a white man, shared her experience of being open to love who she wants regardless of race. Not only are these ladies smart, but they are both beautiful in person (I love their lipstick colors. Christelyn shared a great story about her own "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" experience with her then-boyfriend/now-husband's family. My co-worker, who is black, asked to read the book. She bought the book at Powell bookstore the next day. As I was walking to take a seat, the white guy at the table next us brushes the crumbs off of the table and seat where I was planning to sit.I found it interesting that she said when she's out with her boyfriend, she receives more negative looks from black people than whites. I flirtatiously told him thank you and that I can't wait to tell people back in Cali that I met a nice, young man who showed me Portland hospitality.Christelyn is bubbly and funny in person as on her blog Beyond Black He gave a flirty smile back and told us to have a good time.

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