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The only difference is that these symptoms take a very different appearance to the effects that we have seen before on analogue televisions.Example: Instead of an analogue picture becoming grainy (snowy) due to the effects of limited reception caused by something like bad weather, a digital picture may ‘Freeze’ or disappear completely, leaving you with just a ‘Red Dot’ or a warning like ‘No Signal’ on the TV screen.The up/down and left/right buttons move you through the on-screen menu.All Televsions are different in terms of rescanning procedures. Answer: Viewers thinking about purchasing a new piece of equipment capable of receiving the new digital television or radio programmes should now always consider how they intend to receive their digital signals – You may need a new aerial!

(Warning: Only for units with serial number before 4151503001-4151509009, otherwise may damage the device)Firmware Update v1.0.2- The recording function now wakes the DVB500 from sleep mode when the desired program starts.After ten years of ware and tear caused by exposure to the elements, viewers should seriously consider upgrading their existing aerial system to receive and distribute the new digital broadcasts around their home.Unlike the old days when you used to be able to receive analogue broadcasts in some parts of the country using a piece of ‘wet string’, the new digital system relies on your equipment receiving a clean uninterrupted stream of digital data which it decodes from the transmitted digital signal (A Digital Multiplex).- The Amazon Video app is now supported and preinstalled on the device.- Electronic Program Guide functionality improved for DTV. User can launch an app by double pressing ‘OK’ button when air mouse function is enabled on the smart remote control. The default setting for subtitle is OFF now in DTV mode.

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