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After going through 9 stable versions as a stand-alone software product, Ska Date switched to Oxwall platform in 2014.In-house developed native i OS application replaced the third-party one late in 2014, with Android application released in the beginning of 2015.It’s been a long time since I last updated my Linked In.Having returned from the trip I have made my profile refresh, want to sum up here the entrepreneurship experience of mine and point out my future focus: In these years we have been working in three totally different businesses : — consulting (we helped huge telecom company with its business model, assisted a large travel company in business model transformation), — startups (we witnessed the launch of the startup accelerator East Labs, acted as startup consultants and mentors, created startups for investors) — digital marketing (we launched the social network for Huggies with 350k MUV results in 2013, called “Svit Mam” — the on-line community for mothers; in 2015 implemented a huge project for Johnson & Johnson Russia for brand o.b, the branded service called “30 days of confidence” which helps woman become more confident; have made a fantastic promo for Activia that had more than 800 000 visits over 5 weeks, and many other great projects — long-term platforms and short-term promos).

Mobile dating applications developed by a third-party were added in 2012.

It’ll be a busy day and we’re planning on covering a lot, from the big issues the industry is facing such as user acquisition and mobile monetisation, to European law, data security, SEO and apps.

No matter what issues we’ll be discussing, innovation will be the theme of the day, as online dating brands and key partners present, debate and network.

We have an outstanding line-up of speakers confirmed from online dating businesses, investors, suppliers and leading affiliates.

Speakers are invited and will include some familiar industry faces and new entrants making an impact on the market.

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