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Letters such as 'h' can at first appear difficult, but very soon become recognisable because of their strangeness.

You need to learn letters that occur in English words frequently: vowels, 'c', 'r' and 't' for example.

It includes aspects of Scotland's rural, urban, maritime and industrial communities, such as housing, work, warfare, leisure, customs and religion, all arranged by subject.

Not to mention there were all sorts of practical questions like: “Do I get interest on my account for those missing days? ” We get just a sampling of the politico-religious landmines raised by calendrical reform in this report on Protestant efforts in the Holy Roman Empire, described for the Royal Society in Over the next several centuries the rest of Europe would slowly come over to the inevitable logic of the Vatican astronomers and mathematicians, but misgivings took awhile to assuage, as the graphic below indicates. Any early modern historian worth their salt will specify somewhere in their writings whether they use Old or New style, and how they will identify them, usually as O. [As an aside, in my Notes database I record the date of the letter as written, but also include a field that automatically converts all dates to a standard NS – this requires making them a date field in order to deal with shifts from late in one month to early in the next.For example, searches can be made in the areas of trading, craft families or estate workers, where some prior knowledge is known.Photocopies, photographs and slides of material held in the archive are available.It is also home to a unique collection of manuscripts, letters, diaries, books, leaflets, oral recordings, maps, plans, trade catalogues, paper ephemera and an extensive newspaper cuttings collection.While some film footage is also held, the archive does not aim to collect film stock.

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The bulk of the film collections consist of films made by the East of Scotland College of Agriculture during the 1940s and 1950s.

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