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The film was released in the United States and Canada on November 30, 2007. Jack Harper (Terrence Howard) is Clay's heart surgeon and friend. While Clay's mother, Lilith (Lena Olin), await completion of his surgery, Clay encounters anesthesia awareness.

Young billionaire Clay Beresford (Hayden Christensen) is in love with Samantha "Sam" Lockwood (Jessica Alba), his mother's personal assistant. The surgical pain causes Clay to have a clairvoyant experience exposing Dr.

Clay has everything: money, a loving mom, a company of his own, a world in his hands, and a beautiful woman, Sam.

Harper's plot to murder Clay, also revealing that Sam worked at the hospital under Dr. Sam's plan was to poison the donor heart (by injecting Adriamycin) to cause its rejection, thus murdering Clay to collect insurance money to pay off Dr. The scheme unravels and Lilith, realizing what has happened, sacrifices herself so that Clay, who is close to death, can live.

She commits suicide so her heart can be switched for the poisoned one, and save Clay.

I have to say, this was a first, I really did not see that conclusion coming.

It was awesome to see a movie that had a clever script, was it realistic?

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