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Your baby is surrounded and cushioned by amniotic fluid, and protected by your uterus and a layer of muscles.Yes, UN troops have been trained in this country in the past, but not in brigade strengths and not in domestic support house-to-house searches and seizures.Many of our Congressman deny that UN troops are being trained in this country at all.Where’s the proof that there are thousands of United Nations soldiers and units in America? Not only are foreign troops under the banner of the United Nations stationed within the continental United States, they are and have been actively training, and not just for traditional military engagements.As depicted in the following video, troops and personnel under the command of the United Nations have been training all over the United States in joint exercises that include policing operations and terrorist suppression: The 502nd was in Arkansas practicing house-to-house searches and seizures in a joint U. training mission called Agile Provider in the Spring of 1994. N troops including troops for France and the Netherlands training n the states of Georgia, North and South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee.

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